12 January 2013
At breakfast I was served unpeeled apple by accident. I ate it in spite of the health risks.

12:15 PM Lunch at Holiday Trekker’s Lodge, Ngadi, elevation 890 meters. Ordered Pumpkin soup, cheese Tibetan bread. Nettle soup was on the menu. The woman began chopping up the pumpkin on the spot.

We have been hiking toward a snow capped peak that Lal identified as Himalchuli. It looks like a man wearing a white beret.

Starting from Besi Sahar, we have crossed the Marshyangdi three times, at least twice on suspension bridges, one made of wood.

Some teenage girls carrying large bundles of firewood asked for chocolate. I gave them instead toothbrushes; I had accumulated five extra from the free ones I get with every visit to the dentist. I gave them all away and it is only day two. The girls smiled and their eyes opened wide with delight. The mother got one also; there was just enough.

What I thought was a hornet nest in a tree, Lal said was a nest of arboreal ants, made of dirt from the ground.

About an hour before Bahundanda Lal pointed out the male and female banyan trees growing a few feet from each other. The female has the thicker trunk with smaller leaves. According to Hindu lore they start out as children then get married when they grow up.

Around here there are terraced rice paddies going thousands of feet up the hill. We passed many groves of bamboo. One grove with especially close together stalks made loud creaking noises when the wind made the stalks rub together.

After ascending hundreds of steps, finally made it to the Hotel Super View, Bahundanda, elevation 1270. The place is on kind of a pinnacle, with a superb view. The first thing was to have tea at an outdoor table, and I took out my Victorinox card to trim my nails. The woman laughed and said something in Nepali to Lal. “She thinks it’s women’s things.” I showed her the small screwdriver; this isn’t a woman’s thing.